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The new trend for small businesses… the virtual office

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With some many opportunities and resources out there for small businesses, in these past years, more and more people prefer to venture out and open their own business than working for someone else. With this trend numerous small businesses are being created every year, the number of small businesses in the United States has increased 49% since 1982; however, these businesses come into a market where they have to compete on a daily basis with the established business world. For these start-ups, any advantage they can get their hands on, can have a big impact, especially on their budget. I’m talking about the serviced and virtual office offering, as more companies pop up, the more industry services are needed.


The new movement, a virtual office.

Well, it’s not really new, its first commercial application happened in 1994, but let’s just say that it’s becoming more and more popular. This new movement is being adopted by startups and small businesses that need the flexibility. A concern among new and small businesses is the way they are presented to the outside world, that professional image with an established office. Also the advantage of having a wide array of business services at a fraction of the cost, since all services are shared among this virtual community, business owners receive prime services that otherwise would be very hard to get either because they are already paying a traditional office space that is eating up their budget, or they are working from home and don’t have access to commercial grade services such as high speed internet, receptionist, meeting room, day offices, among others.


Key Concepts for the virtual office popularity:

  • The virtual office seems to blend perfectly with today’s work styles, you can now keep working from home and have your virtual office for all your professional and business needs, as it blends efficiency with home and work.
  • Keeps office expenses low, while retaining a professional image of a traditional, high-cost office.
  • Will contribute to a low-cost expansion with no long-term commitment.
  • Virtual office receptionist to meet and greet, answer phone calls in your company name, receive your mail and parcels, and maybe even some administrative tasks, all without the payroll burden and only paying for what you need at a fraction of the cost.
  • Open envelope and scanning its contents– upon authorization, envelope can be opened and scanned, emailing the digitalized documents for immediate access to a cloud-based file storage system.
  • On-site amenities a full service virtual office will provide broadband internet, fax-printer-copier-scanner, advance phone features, meeting room, day office, lounge or co-working space, business worthy reception area, kitchenette.
  • On-demand use of meeting room or day offices for meetings or interviews (hour, day or weekly) that can be rented on short notice.

Even though it seem the virtual office is a brand new concept, it has been around for quite a while. It’s main benefit and popularity seems to revolve around the fact that by sharing all the amenities of a hi-end traditional office it only costs a fraction of what it would normally cost. Start-ups and small home based businesses have been adopting it more and more, why? Well because it just makes a lot more of sense. No long-term commitment, all the flexibility, and on-demand pay only for what you need services and amenities, making the most of today’s technological innovation and thanks to the information age.

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