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Open your U.S. Business With a Virtual Office for Maximum Results

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Opening your US location with a virtual office is the perfect way to achieve your goal of international expansion without spending too much time and money. A virtual office will give you the confidence of knowing that your new site will be professional, efficient, and run according to your instructions.

Here are some of the key features you can take advantage of when you open your US location with a virtual office:

  • A professional US business address. A virtual office will give you a virtual business address in a known professional area. You won’t have to search for a good location, and can relax in the knowledge that your customers will have confidence that they are working with a trustworthy company in a well-recognized location.
  • Professional live receptionist. Your virtual office will be staffed by a professional bilingual receptionist to answer your calls. You’ll save time because your receptionist can handle general calls and inquiries; calls can be forwarded to you as needed, or messages saved for you to address later.
  • Mail forwarding service. International mail delivery is simplified with a virtual US office, because all of your mail will be delivered directly to your virtual office address. Your virtual assistant will open and sort all of the mail according to your instructions, taking care of routine matters and forwarding only those items that need your direct attention.
  • Secure cloud storage for your files. Your virtual office will eliminate worrying about receiving important files and documents from across the border. All of your documents and files can be stored in the cloud, where you can access them at your convenience. This will save time when you need your assistant to make changes to documents or contracts since you won’t have to wait for items to be delivered by mail.
  • Professional meeting space. When you travel to your US location to meet with clients, you’ll have a professional meeting room at your disposal. You can reserve rooms that are fully equipped with internet, fax/scanners, conference- and video-calling, and other features that will enhance your meetings. Your guests will be greeted professionally and welcomed into a professional environment.
  • Never be out of touch. With a virtual office for your US location, you can stay in touch with your virtual assistant from anywhere in the world. You can check in at any time, from any place. Your assistant will know how to reach you for important matters so you are never out of touch with what’s going on in your company.

A virtual office is a great solution for business owners who want to open an office in the United States. You won’t have to look for office space and hire a full staff, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your business is being run professionally and efficiently, no matter where you are located.

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