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Learn the real ways a mail forwarding service can help you save time in your business.

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As a hard-working small-business owner, you know how important every minute of the workday is in terms of efficiency and productivity. You simply don’t have time to waste on tasks that don’t actually have to be part of your schedule in the first place. Take the daily mail, for example. Sorting, opening, prioritizing, reading, filing – this one chore alone can eat up a good chunk of your time. Fortunately there is a great solution. Using a mail forwarding service will ensure that your mail is handled efficiently and that you can add time back to your day.


When you use a mail forwarding service, your mail will be delivered to a professional address where it is opened by a virtual assistant and handled according to your specific instructions. Consider these ways that using a mail forwarding service can benefit your business:

  • Don’t waste time on junk mail. Are you tired of solicitations, advertisements, catalogs and other mail that does nothing but waste your time? Using a mail forwarding service eliminates the need for you to sort through the junk, because it will all be tossed for you by your service. If there are specific types of ads or catalogs that you do want to see, just let your mail forwarding service know and they will hold those for you.
  • Enjoy a clutter-free desk. When you use a trusted mail forwarding service, the mail that you do need to see can be scanned and sent to you electronically. This lets you print what you need to and save everything else on your computer or in the cloud. You can request that hard copies be forwarded to you, or you can choose to have originals shredded at the forwarding service.
  • Don’t miss important packages. If your business depends on package deliveries, it’s possible that you spend too much time running out to the post office or FedEx to pick up packages that couldn’t be delivered while you were away from the office. With a mail forwarding service, all of your packages will be delivered to your service and held until you can pick them up at your convenience.
  • Your absence doesn’t cause a mail pile-up. For business owners who do a lot of traveling, returning from a trip often means losing valuable time catching up on the mail that’s accumulated while you were away. Using a mail forwarding service takes this particular worry  out of your business travel. The mail will be delivered to your service every day, no matter where you are. You can still receive email notifications about important correspondence and       documents, and you won’t come back to find a mountain of mail waiting at the door.
  • Avoid delays in payment. If you receive checks by mail, you can give instructions for them to be deposited directly into your checking account by your forwarding service. This will save you time and help you avoid delays in depositing much-needed funds while you’re away. You can instruct the forwarding service to send the original checks to you for your records, or to email you a scanned image and destroy the original.

Since time is a precious commodity to any small-business owner, you can see how these features can be a great benefit to your business. Take back the time you spend each day on the mail and use it to do your real work, the work that defines your business.

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