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About Us



Headquartered in South Texas Ariva Business Center is led by technological and business driven professionals that concentrate their vast experience into our services that will allow our customers to concentrate on their core business and let us handle the rest. We are always a step ahead in ways to bring technology oriented solutions to our customers in a friendly and hassle free manner.

In today’s world there is a gap between the traditional office suite offerings and the virtual office concept, by combining the two Ariva creates a cloud office that takes you to the next level by providing a set of services that lets our customers be wherever they want to be and access their business phone, business files and messaging center whenever they want through their personalized dashboard. With an easy to use portal, customers can personalize their services with a user friendly interface according to what they want and how they want it.

We know that budgets are tight and businesses need to stay flexible and keep their overhead and costs down in order to succeed. Ariva offers a variety of services designed to set you up quickly, simple and at a very affordable price while still maintaining a professional image. Our features give you the ability to work as soon as possible, choosing the services that suit your business the most and only pay for what you require as you need it.

Ariva is your all in one cloud office management solution, no matter where you are your cloud office goes with you. Ariva is not your traditional virtual office, our products and services offers a range of technological and professional solutions that enable our customers to work wherever, whenever.