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6 Reasons for using a Mail Forwarding Address

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Despite the benefits a PO Box or Postal Box has to offer, like privacy, affordable and a permanent address, they also lack the image of a serious and established business and if you want to register your business, you will actually need a physical address, which probably will end up being your home address. The best solution to this problem is with a virtual office, you will not only get a physical address you will actually receive so much more and at a very affordable price. Here are the 6 reasons why you need a virtual office with mail handling:

  1. Instant notification– when a letter or package has arrived, you will receive a notification; that’s right, using the Ariva virtual office you will be able to actually see an image of your envelope or package online though the Ariva System, just like you would receive an email.
  2. Document Scanning– you need to see the rest of your document? Imagine that with just a click you give the instruction and authorization to open your mail and scan the rest of the document, you will be able to see it online in a PDF format, easy.
  3. Mail forwarding– This is the perfect way to protect your home address or to have your mail follow you wherever you need it to be. The envelope or package is sent right away or on a scheduled frequency that you determine so you receive the contents of your mailbox in a single package, saving on your mail forwarding fees.
  4. Shred and recycle– No longer need that original document, just authorize it and your document will be shredded, completely safe and private.
  5. Privacy– All mail handling and scanning is done in a fully secured environment under the strictest supervision, training and monitoring of all personnel.
  6. Check deposit– You notice that one of your envelopes contains that expected check and you wish to deposit it right away, you can easily do it. We use the deposit by mail service. Using the online Ariva System you can give the instruction that you wish to use this service.

If you have the need for a more in-depth mail handling service that allows you to have your mail documents handled online, while still protecting your privacy a virtual office with mail handling service such as this is the smart and affordable choice.

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